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Saratoga is well known for its superior schools, low crime rate, and charming village area. This scenic, prestigious town in Santa Clara County offers its residents a tranquil lifestyle with plenty of artistic endeavors, including year round concerts. Approximately 11,000 households with about 30,000 people live in this quaint community of which approximately 300 homes transfer ownership each year.

Originally a community of summer cottages built in and around the fruit orchards, one now finds a variety of residential styles, such as sprawling California Ranch-style and turn-of-the-century, two-story homes, as well as many grand estate residences.

Between 1980 and 1990, Saratoga added approximately 700 housing units, over 80% as single-family homes.

Limited available land for new development keeps housing prices strong with very few new homes being built. Many people purchase an older property, remove the present house, and build their desired new home.
In both strong and weak economies, demand for housing in Saratoga remains steady. This community called Saratoga truly has no equal.

Housing Availability/Prices/Rentals
Condominiums and townhomes range from $275,000 to $950,000. Single-family detached homes begin at $432,000 to over $6,000,000 for a premier estate. Few rentals are available in Saratoga. According to the Silicon Valley Association of Realtors, the 2003 median price of a condominium / townhouse was $495,000, and the median price of a house was $1,190,000.

Housing Units
Single-Family Homes 9,870
Single-Family Attached (condos & townhomes) 483
Apartments 633
Total 10,986

Property Tax Rates
Since the passage of Proposition 13 in 1978, differing assessment bases exist for the property tax. Property owned at the time is appraised at full market value as of March 1, 1975, with increases limited to a maximum of 2% annually. Property created or sold since March 1, 1975 is assessed at full cash value as of the time constructed or sold, plus the 2% annual increase. The basic tax rate is $1.00 per $100 appraised value, plus any taxes levied to cover bonded indebtedness for county, city, school, or other taxing agencies.