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Known for its excellent schools, Saratoga is served by four elementary school districts, three high school districts and two community college districts. Only one, the Saratoga Union School District is wholly within the City. All other elementary school districts overlay other cities. There are also private elementary (K-8) schools, nursery schools and day care centers. Receiving a first rate education is a top concern for residents and their children. Saratoga schools continue to rank among the top in the nation as our children continue to meet and exceed expectations.


All Area Codes (408) Unless Otherwise Noted

Saratoga Union School District 867-3424
20460 Forest Hills Dr.

Argonaut School 867-4773
13200 Shadow Mountain Dr.

Foothill School 867-4036
13919 Lynde Ave.

Saratoga School 867-3476
14592 Oak St.

Redwood Middle School 867-3042
13925 Fruitvale Ave.

Campbell Union School District 364-4200
(serves eastern Saratoga)
155 N. 3rd St., Campbell

Forest Hill Elementary School 364-4279
4450 McCoy Ave, San Jose

Marshall Lane School 364-4259
14114 Marilyn Ln.

Rolling Hills Middle School 364-4235
1585 More Ave., Los Gatos

Cupertino Union School District 252-3000
(serves northern Saratoga)
10301 Vista Dr.

Blue Hills School 257-9282
12300 Desanka Ave.

Christa McAuliffe School 253-4696
12211 Titus Ave.

Miller Middle School 252-3755
6151 Rainbow Dr., San Jose

Moreland School District 874-2900 Go to website
(serves northeast Saratoga)

4710 W. Campbell Ave., San Jose
Country Lane School 874-3400
5140 Country Ln., San Jose

Rogers Middle School 874-3500
4835 Doyle Rd., San Jose


Campbell Union High School District 371-0960 Go to website
(serves Campbell & Moreland Elementary School Districts)
3235 Union Ave., San Jose

Westmont High School 378-1500
4805 Westmont Ave., Campbell

Prospect High School 253-1662
18900 Prospect Rd.

Fremont Union High School District 522-2200
(serves Cupertino, Union, and Sunnyvale Elementary School Districts)
589 W. Fremont Ave., Sunnyvale

Lynbrook High School 366-7700
1280 Johnson Ave., San Jose

Monta Vista High School 366-7600
21840 McClellan Rd., Cupertino

Los Gatos-Saratoga High School District 354-2520 Go to website
(serves Saratoga Union and Los Gatos Elementary School Districts)
17421 Farley Rd. W., Los Gatos

Saratoga High School 867-3411
20300 Herriman Ave.


The Harker School 871-4600 Go to website
4300 Bucknall Rd., San Jose

The Harker School 248-2510 Go to website
500 Saratoga Ave., San Jose

The Harker School 249-2510 Go to website
( Upper)
500 Saratoga Ave., San Jose

Sacred Heart School 867-9241 Go to website
13718 Saratoga Ave.

Saint Andrew’s School 867-3785 Go to website
13601 Saratoga Ave.


De Anza College 864-5678 Go to website
21250 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino

West Valley College 867-2200 Go to website
14000 Fruitvale Ave.


The Marvegos Fine Art School 866-0671 Go to website
18776 Cox Ave


Primary Plus 370-0357 Go to website
(3 months-grade 1)
18720 Bucknall Rd.


Nature’s Classroom 399-3071 Go to website
19010 Austin Way
(0-5 years old)

Primary Plus 370-0357 Go to website
(nursery school/K-1)
18720 Bucknall Rd.

Saint Andrew’s School 867-3785 Go to website
13601 Saratoga Ave.


Walden West 867-5950 Go to website
15555 Sanborn Rd